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Russia's federal censor says it can block any media outlet that publishes hyperlinks to ‘undesirable organizations’

Source: Roskomnadzor

Russia’s federal media regulator, Roskomnadzor, is warning mass media outlets that they can be blocked for spreading content created by outlawed “undesirable organizations.” In a clarification on December 14, the agency explained that it regards even hyperlinks to such organizations' online resources as the dissemination of illegal content.

Roskomnadzor has also reportedly sent warnings to Twitter and YouTube, demanding that they block the opposition movement Open Russia’s accounts in Russia. Odnoklassniki, one of Russia’s largest social networks, has already suspended Open Russia’s page.

On December 12, the Russian government ordered Internet providers to start blocking various websites tied to Open Russia. Russian officials say the movement has been blacklisted as an “undesirable organization,” but Open Russia’s representatives say they’ve been confused with an organization based in Britain that has the same name.

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