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Facebook has started blocking hyperlinks to the Telegraph blogging platform, launched by Pavel Durov's Telegram

Source: Meduza

Facebook has started prohibiting users from publishing links to Telegraph, an anonymous blogging platform similar to Medium designed by Telegram, the instant message service created by Pavel Durov.

The Russian website The Village first noticed Facebook’s new behavior, and Meduza discovered that the website instantly deleted one of its posts containing a Telegraph hyperlink, claiming that the content was “spam.” When Meduza reattempted this on Facebook’s mobile app, the network rejected the link again, claiming that it redirected users to images of a naked body, even though the Telegraph post in question was only text.

Facebook is also blocking Telegraph links in its messages, telling users that hyperlinks are unsecure.

Telegraph was launched in November 2016 as an anonymous blogging service for sharing texts, photos, and videos.

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