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Hey, Putin, the Pentagon says it needs Russian biomaterials for medical research

Source: Meduza

Pentagon representatives say a procurement order for biomaterials from Russia is intended for ongoing research on the human musculoskeletal system and for identifying “various biomarkers associated with injuries.”

Bo Downey, a U.S. Air Force spokesperson, told Meduza that the research requires two data-sets, the first of which has already been provided by an American company. It turns out that this first data-set contained samples collected in Russia, Downey explained.

In July 2017, the U.S. Air Force issued a procurement order for samples of RNA and synovial fluid (which fills joint cavities), indicating that the samples need to have been collected in Russia.

On October 30, Vladimir Putin stated that foreigners are collecting biomaterials across the country. “Why are they going to different ethnic groups and to people living in different geographical locations across the Russian Federation? That’s the question. Why are they doing this? And they’re doing it purposefully and professionally. We’ve become the subject of such strong interest,” Putin told a meeting of the Presidential Human Rights Council.