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Moscow police bring a camera crew along to film their raid on an oppositionist's home

Source: Meduza

Though Alexey Navalny’s campaign is planning nationwide protests for Saturday, October 7, investigators have launched a series of raids against Open Russia, a group founded by former oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky. After searching the organization’s Moscow office, police brought in Open Russia’s executive director, Timur Valeyev, for questioning. Political analyst Stanislav Belkovsky says he home was also raided on Thursday in the same investigation.

Russia’s Investigative Committee says its raids are part of an investigation into the former oil company Yukos, once owned by Khodorkovsky. The case was first opened in 2003. Police have also said that members of Open Russia are allegedly receiving payments from a British organization (also named “Open Russia”) that has been banned in Russia as an “undesirable” group. Belovsky says he believes investigators are collecting materials to show that Khodorkovsky’s income is criminal and laundered through third parties.

A tabloid television station joined police on their raid of Valeyev’s home. A crew from REN-TV entered his apartment with the cops, shining an enormous camera in his face, as an officer kneeled on his back, interrogating him. One of REN-TV’s cameramen even helped interrogate another man detained in Valeyev’s home, questioning him as he lay face-down on the floor.

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