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Memorial plaque to ex-Finnish president hacked with ax in St. Petersburg


Activists from the Drugaya Rossiya movement hacked a memorial plaque dedicated to ex-Finnish president Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim in St. Petersburg.

According to news source Fontanka, at around 4:30 on Monday morning, four men climbed a ladder to reach the plaque and attacked it with an ax. The men also tried to disfigure the accompanying relief of Mannerheim's torso.

The men wore vests with an acronym for the Russian National Bolshevik Party, an organization that is banned in Russia. This organization was the foundation for the Drugaya Rossiya movement.

Andrei Dmitriev, the leader of the St. Petersburg branch of the Drugaya Rossiya, told the newspaper Kommersant that such actions would continue until authorities dismantle the plaque, which, in his opinion, "a monument to the madness of the authorities of Russia and St. Petersburg."

Despite the attack, the plague suffered only minor depressions; no significant damage has been made.

The plaque to Mannerheim is installed on the building of the Military Engineering Technical University on Zakharyevskaya Street. Before the revolution of 1917, this building housed the Church of the Guards Cavalry Brigade, of which Mannerheim was commander.

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