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Update: Saratov court dismisses ‘enemy of the people’ lawsuit against Putin

Source: Meduza

The Saratov region arbitrations court dismissed a lawsuit by Balakovo city native Nikolai Suvorov, who was petitioning for the impeachment of President Vladimir Putin.

The judicial ruling states that the court does not have the right to interfere in the activities of the Russian President. Moreover, according to the constitution the President has immunity, “which means it is not possible to involve him… in any legal liability established by federal law, including criminal responsibility.”

The court's ruling also notes “the current lawsuit is not entitled to consideration in an arbitrations court,” because the lawsuit deals with issues connected with business and economic activity.

Local Balakovo city resident Nikolai Suvorov had issued a petitioned for Putin's resignation for being “an enemy of the people and a friend of oligarchs and bureaucrats, for the plunder of Russia and impoverishment of the Russian people, and for lining the pockets of officials, bankers and billionaire-crooks.”

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