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like it or not

Russia's ‘Fat Leonardo DiCaprio’ stars in a vodka commercial

Source: TJournal

The makers of “Five Lakes” vodka have released a new commercial starring Roman Burtsev, better known as Russia's “Fat Leonardo DiCaprio.” In the advertisement, Burtsev finds himself in a world surrounded by cheap imitation products: he drives a phony BMW, talks on a fake iPhone, and wears a fake Brioni shirt under a fake “Abibas” tracksuit. His passenger is an attractive young woman painting the bottoms of her shoes red to give herself “Louboutins” (a likely reference to a recent viral music video by Leningrad). And Burtsev himself—the tubby DiCaprio doppelganger—is the biggest fake of all, of course.

The only thing that's “real” in the commercial turns out to be a bottle of Five Lakes vodka, with which Burtsev absconds at the end of the video, fleeing into the horizon in a rowboat. The moment he finds the booze, the advertisement's narrator says, “Ain't it grand there are some things you can't fake?”

DiCaprio commercial.

For more about Roman Burtsev, see: Ladies, prepare to have your dreams come true. Your Fat Leonardo DiCaprio dreams.

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