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Ladies, prepare to have your dreams come true. Your Fat Leonardo DiCaprio dreams.

Source: Meduza
Screenshot: 20th Century Fox

The Russian television station Moskva-24 gave the women of Moscow a chance to stand in the arms of Leonardo DiCaprio. Admittedly, the arms on offer didn't belong to the Hollywood star, but Roman Burtsev, the 33-year-old Russian security guard who's gained notoriety on the Internet for resembling an overweight, tired-looking DiCaprio. 

Moskva-24 built a small stage in the middle of a shopping mall and let women pose with Burtsev, mimicking the famous scene with DiCaprio and Kate Winslet from the 1997 blockbuster “Titanic.”

The TV network is producing a reality show starring Burtsev, who says he's decided to lose weight and “change his life.”

“Thousands of women dream of finding themselves in the arms of Leonardo DiCaprio,” Moskva-24 wrote on its Facebook page. “And we gave them a shot. Most importantly, we found a DiCaprio for them. #RomanceDiCaprio #DiCaprio24.”

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