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Ukrainian village renames its October Square after Andy Warhol

In accordance with Ukraine's decommunization push, a western Ukrainian village in Zakarpattia Oblast has renamed the town's October Square after Andy Warhol. Local officials justified the name change by saying Andy Warhol, a world famous American artist, has Ukrainian roots.

Warhol was born in the United States to Rusyn parents who emigrated from Austria-Hungary. Before coming to the US, Warhol's mother and father lived in the village of Mikova (present-day Slovakia). 

In early March 2016, another village in Zakarpattia Oblast renamed its Lenin Street after the musician John Lennon. 

In April 2015, Ukrainian lawmakers adopted legislation condemning the Nazi and Communist regimes of the 20th century, banning their symbols. In accordance with that law, cities and towns throughout the country have been demolishing Soviet monuments and renaming landmarks bearing Soviet-era names.

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