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No to war-themed commercial branding The likes of Heroic Bucha Kombucha, Azovstal radish varietal, and Heroes Don’t Die beer may have to leave the market as Ukraine’s legislators seek a ban

Source: Meduza

A group of Verkhovna Rada legislators has proposed a bill to ban war-themed commercial branding in Ukraine.

The deputies believe that companies have been exploiting patriotic and war-related themes for profit, often crassly and inappropriately. An explanatory note submitted with the draft legislation raises several concerns:

It is vexing that, in their marketing communications, producers of consumer goods and services resort to inappropriate use of tragic war events, names of attacked cities, patriotic mottos, and war slogans. We’re talking about alcohol trademarks and branding of food products and other goods, promotions, and advertising banners that make careless and sometimes impermissible use of the war and the related themes.

Military-themed flatbread

The proposed bill, if passed, will prohibit the registration of trademarks making references to the following:

  • War events
  • The names of Ukrainian cities and regions that have suffered from the Russian aggression and became the symbols of Ukraine’s steadfastness and heroism
  • Combat and military operations
  • Military equipment and weapons
  • Ukrainian military formations
  • Official greetings in use by the Ukrainian military
Heroic crisps, patriotic laser hair removal, and Azovstal radishes

Lawmakers have proposed similar restrictions for commercial ads, excluding commercials that promote books, films, and videos about the war.

Examples of improper and exploitative uses of the war include the “citrus-flavored” Heroic Bucha Kombucha (produced in Irpin) and the radish varietal Azovstal.

Heroic Bucha Kombucha
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