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Eurovision 2021 finalist Manizha joins Meduza’s summer music festival

Source: Meduza

For the past two months, musicians from around the world have joined Meduza’s summer music marathon, sharing video clips and special performances in support of our news outlet and independent media in Russia. This has been absolutely incredible — and we’re not done yet! Throughout the month of August we will continue to publish new songs specially recorded for Meduza’s readers. And we’re enormously grateful to the artists who are taking part, thank you!

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To kick off the third month of our music marathon, we had the help of singer-songwriter Manizha — who represented Russia at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest and finished in the top ten. Exclusively for Meduza’s summer festival, Manizha recorded a cover based on the song “Foreigner” by Russian singer Valery Meladze. Manizha used the chorus from Meladze’s track and wrote a new verse herself. What’s more, she shot the video all on her own. To say that we’re grateful for her performance is an understatement — we’re delighted!

Manizha’s cover of “Foreigner” is relatively short, but it took a lot of effort. She produced it largely on her own because her entire team was under quarantine at the time (some of her colleagues helped with the sound, albeit remotely). 

It took Manizha a long time to find an accordion player for the performance. In the end, she linked up with Alexander Somov — who immediately agreed to take part in the music marathon and record the song with Manizha. The two musicians put together the track in seven hours. Manizha shot the video herseful using an old camera and then edited it with help of her brother Sher Khamraev. And voilà! Her “Foreigner” cover was complete.


“Hi, Meduza. You have always supported me, so I can’t stand aside at such a difficult moment for you. Meduza, thank you for your perspective on many things. You paid attention to the problem of domestic violence before many other news media, shed light on the lives of refugees and internally displaced persons, eradicated taboos, and fostered gender equality and kindness among your readers. Thank you, Meduza. I hope this cover lifts your spirits.”


Our spirits are indeed lifted. Thanks again, Manizha! 🖤

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Photo of Manizha by Egor Shabanov