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‘I wanted to work with people’ State television channel takes down viral news segment featuring Russian National Guard officers beating up a mannequin

Source: Meduza

The state television channel GTRK Mari El has taken down a news segment about a female inspector in the Russian National Guard after the video went viral on Friday, March 26. During the segment, Inspector Alina Klenchiva tells reporters that joining the National Guard was her childhood dream, because she “wanted to work with people” — meanwhile, in the background of the shot, her colleagues can be seen beating up a mannequin with truncheons.

On Friday, March 26, the Russian state TV channel GTRK Mari El aired a news segment about Alina Klenchiva, a female inspector from the Russian National Guard (Rosgvardia). The segment begins with a voiceover recalling Klenchiva’s childhood dreams — it describes her as a “modest and shy girl,” who chose to serve in the Russian National Guard primarily because she “wanted to work with people.”

The segment then turns to Klenchiva herself : “Rosgvardia — well it was my childhood dream, which has come true to date,” she tells the camera. “I’ve been working here for 10 years already. There were no definite goals, of course, but that’s the police. It has always been law, order, a lawful attitude toward people…Working with people!”

While Klenchiva is speaking, her fellow officers can be seen in the background of the shot, beating up a mannequin with truncheons. The video then cuts to Klenchiva watching one of her colleagues attack the mannequin. “With such officers of the Russian Guard as these, resistance to law and order is certainly no use,” the voiceover emphasizes.

The full segment on Alina Klenchiva was previously available on GTRK Mari El’s website. However, the web page with the video and the video itself have since been taken down. A saved copy on Yandex also appears to be no longer accessible