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‘The Skopin maniac’ Rapist who tortured and imprisoned two women returns home after 17 years in prison, amid rumors that he fetched cash prize for TV appearance

Source: Meduza
Rossiya 24 / YouTube

In 2000, Viktor Mokhov abducted two women, then 14 and 17 years old, and kept them in his basement where he raped and abused them. One of the two women gave birth to two children while living in the basement, with the other prisoner aiding the delivery. Mokhov abandoned these children in the entrances of residential buildings. After his arrest in 2004 and trial, Mokhov served his entire sentence of 16 years and 10 months. Now 70 years old, Mokhov has returned home, but rumors are circulating that a television network paid him for an exclusive talk-show appearance. The whole thing could, however, be a sick joke.

Viktor Mokhov, known as the “Skopin maniac,” returned to his home in the Ryazan region two days after leaving prison and completing a 17-year sentence. His whereabouts during those two days remain unknown. 

Under the terms of his release, Mokhov was required to arrive at his place of residency by the evening of March 4 (his house is on Oktyabrskaya Street in the town of Skopin) and register with the local police within three weekdays. Violate these terms and he risked a misdemeanor offense. Slip up more than once and Mokhov could face felony charges. Despite these stakes, he didn’t return home in time.

Journalists later learned that Mokhov arrived at a hotel in Skopin after midnight on March 5. He didn’t have a reservation, however, and didn’t stay the night. According to REN TV, Mokhov came to the hotel because his home has been condemned.

The following morning, he returned to his house, accompanied by police officers. Journalists asked him to confirm whether he participated in a television show in Moscow after leaving prison. Citing an unnamed source, the television network 360 had previously reported that Mokhov had been invited to appear on a talk show.

Mokhov confirmed that he had been to Moscow, saying he’d received a “bag full of money,” though he didn’t reveal which TV show had invited him. He also told reporters that he plans to marry soon, having “found a young babushka.” It’s possible, however, that Mokhov was only teasing the journalists who came to question him, says the tabloid Life, which released the footage of Mokhov outside his home in Skopin. Speaking to the news agency RIA Novosti, Russia’s national TV networks denied any invitations to the ex-convict.

Mokhov says he “wants very much” to meet with his victims to ask them for forgiveness and that he intends to find his own children.

Text by Petr Lokhov

Translation by Madeleine Nosworthy