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Get in line Kids across Russia start the school day with temperature checks, but without social distancing

Source: Meduza
Alexander Ryumin / TASS / Scanpix / LETA

School is back in session for kids in Russia, but the coronavirus pandemic is still a concern. These days, school children begin their mornings waiting in long lines at entrances to schools, to have their temperatures checked before heading to class. And judging by the photos and videos popping up on social media, Russia’s students — and parents, and teachers — could use a lesson in social distancing.



The line at the entrance to one of Krasnodar’s schools
Aneliya Galkina

Naberezhnye Chelny

“Of course it’s good that they’re looking after the children’s health, but this line is no fun”




It’s not just school kids who are stuck waiting in line — here’s a snapshot from outside of the Siberian State Automobile and Highway University in Omsk. 



“The first full day of class at schools in Ufa began with gigantic lines at the entrance. We hoped for the best, but it turned out as always”

In July, Russia’s public health authority, Rospotrebnadzor, approved sanitary regulations for educational institutions operating during the coronavirus pandemic. According to this document, anyone entering an educational facility has to undergo a temperature check. The regulations also stipulate that schools should minimize contact between pupils, including during temperature checks. Rospotrebnadzor recommended using all entrances to schools to avoid crowding during this procedure. 

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Compiled from social media by Alexander Baklanov