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No work through April and regional responsibility: Putin's latest COVID-19 address at a glance

Source: Meduza

This week of non-working days and self-isolation rules has allowed us to buy time to fight the coronavirus epidemic as effectively as possible. However, the peak [of the epidemic] has not passed in Russia, nor has it passed in the world more broadly. Therefore, I am making the decision to extend our non-working days through April 30. Salaries will continue to be paid. If the situation allows, we will adjust that period of time to end earlier. Because the epidemic is spreading through [Russia’s] regions unevenly, some areas must keep harsh restrictions in place, and others will find local, point-by-point decisions to be sufficient. For that reason, regional heads of government will receive additional authority. By the end of the week, they must propose measures optimized for their specific regions. In any case, government agencies, industries with nonstop workflows, medical institutions, and stores will continue to operate: limits may be placed on those facilities only at the federal level. Citizens of Russia, I ask you to pay extremely close attention to government demands and to doctors’ recommendations. Even this short week has shown that if we understand the seriousness of this situation, we will be able to decrease the risks. Good health to you.

Summary by Grigory Levchenko; translation by Hilah Kohen

Cover photo: Alexey Druzhinin / Pool / Reuters / Scanpix / LETA

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