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Fifth-grader proposes political reform at a rally in Tomsk

Source: Meduza

One of the most memorable moments to pass at the rallies taking place across Russia on March 26 was the speech of fifth-grader Gleb Tokmakov. Taking the microphone in his hometown of Tomsk, Tokmakov said that it is necessary to change Russia’s Constitution and the Criminal Code so that the documents work for the country’s citizens. Meduza provides a video and translation of Tokmakov's speech.

Russian fifth-grader speaks out against corruption

- Good afternoon. My name is Gleb Tokmakov. I am a fifth-grader. [Today,], we have seen gathered almost all the people who are engaged in the fight against corruption; people [who work] for newspapers; people who study at [academic] institutions, at universities. Basically, I wanted to make a proposal. If you criticize, then you should propose. Someone said: “The rule is of millions, not of millionaires.” Yes, this is a good slogan. I agree with it. But in a huge country, the rule of the people is impossible. Everyone wants something of his own. Everyone wants something of his own. Accordingly, it does not matter who is in power: whether it is Navalny or Putin ...

- It is important!

- Well, no, it is not important. The important thing is to change the system of power itself, [to change] the education system, [to change] the healthcare system. I study at school and I am surprised that schools are so politicized. At school, if you do not draw some picture about our government, they could give you [a low grade]! It should not be this way.

We have corrupt officials, who ... The Constitution should, in essence, work for us and not for them. Why is it that in our country the Constitution stands against the Criminal Code [and] the Legal Code? It is necessary to change the Constitution alongside the Criminal Code! That is all.

- Bravo!

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