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Russian-language indie music stars drop new self-isolation album

Source: Meduza

A group of Russian-language musical acts whose spring concerts were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic has collaborated on a group album titled Without Leaving Home.

The Institute of Musical Initiatives offered grants to several Russian and some Belarusian indie music bands, asking them to produce tracks for the new album by using their own homes as impromptu studios.

Without Leaving Home features hit acts like Khadn Dadn, Inturist, Ilyamazo, The Wooden Whales, and many others. Khadn Dadn’s 2018 ode to never leaving the house, “My sevodnya doma” (“We’re Staying Home Today”), has already become an anthem of sorts for self-isolated Russian speakers.

The new album is available on all major digital platforms as of April 7. Proceeds from its sales will be transferred directly to the artists involved.