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St. Petersburg governor visits a grocery store to verify stocked shelves and speaks to a random shopper who randomly turns out to be an actress

Source: Meduza

To demonstrate the city’s well-stocked shelves, St. Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov made an impromptu visit to a local grocery store on Wednesday. There was food aplenty and nobody was stuck in long lines. A happy passerby even spoke to the governor and confirmed this information on camera.

It turns out that the woman who shared the screen with Beglov is Nadezhda Mikryukova, who regularly performs as an extra on various television shows. Watch carefully and you can catch her on programs like “Secrets of Investigation,” “Sea Devils,” and “High Stakes.” The Telegram channel Beglov’s Office was the first to draw attention to this curious coincidence. 

Another Telegram channel later discovered Mikryukova’s VKontakte profile, where the actress shared a photograph of a man who apparently gifted her flowers on International Women’s Day. This man reportedly often travels with Governor Beglov, apparently serving as one of his bodyguards. The facial-recognition service FindClone identifies him as Andrey Mikryukov. His connection to Nadezhda Mikryukova remains unclear. Mikryukova’s granddaughter also reportedly appeared in a public service announcement for the St. Petersburg TV station.

After media reports identifying her at the grocery store with Governor Beglov, Nadezhda Mikryukova made her Instagram account private.

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