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like it or not

This video of electric toothbrushes playing the Soviet anthem is the perfect end to your week, comrade

Source: Meduza

Device Orchestra isn’t just another pop music YouTube account. Its covers are all performed on everyday electric devices: toasters, printers, credit card machines, and more. In Device Orchestra’s most recent video, five electric toothbrushes and one steam cleaner hum out the Soviet national anthem, each sporting a pair of googly eyes (and the occasional bow tie as well).

USSR Anthem on 5 Electric Toothbrushes and a Steam Cleaner
Device Orchestra

For comparison, here’s how “The Star-Spangled Banner plays out on a band of seven credit card machines:

US National Anthem on 7 Credit Card Machines
Device Orchestra

And just for funsies, here are a few numbers that have nothing to do with the news:

“Take On Me”

Take On Me (a-ha) on Dancing Toothbrushes (+6 Other Electric Devices)
Device Orchestra

“We Will Rock You”

We Will Rock You on 7 Electric Devices
Device Orchestra

Darude — “Sandstorm”

Darude - Sandstorm (Electric Toothbrush Cover)
Device Orchestra

The Game of Thrones theme

Game of Thrones Theme on 9 Electric Devices
Device Orchestra

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