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like it or not

‘Your order will be delivered by a literature teacher.’ Behold the latest, weirdest ad campaign to hit Moscow.

Source: Meduza

Some examples:

  • Andrey, a descendant of Cossacks, the father of five daughters, former career officer and distinguished artist of the Russian Federation.
  • Paul came to Russia from Cameroon, he loves soccer and Bollywood films.
  • Urinbai knows nine languages and makes jewelry.

The posters begin with the phrase “your order will be delivered by,” followed by couriers’ various secondary professions. The list includes “literature teacher,” “reporter,” and so on. The phrase is already a meme online, where Russian Internet users are imagining different jobs for delivery people, often sharing their own professions as a form of self-deprecation, or offering up careers that aren’t as lucrative as they once were (like “cryptocurrency investor” and “new media director”).

A spokeswoman for Group, which owns Delivery Club, wrote on Facebook, “Show some respect for the couriers. They really are impressive people. You really never know who will bring you your next order. It could be a father of three daughters and a distinguished artist.”