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Russia's ruling political party releases viral campaign videos ahead of local elections outside Moscow

Source: Meduza

The Moscow region’s Odintsovsky District is holding local elections on April 21. To drum up support among a younger demographic, candidates from United Russia, the country’s ruling political party, recently released three music videos. The website was the first to write about the rap mashups.

In the videos, United Russia candidates from different precincts in the district recite the names of streets and boroughs in Odintsovsky. Each clip ends with a call to go vote on Sunday. The candidates are never identified as United Russia politicians and the name of the party is never mentioned or shown on screen.

In this video: Stanislav Ulitin, Andrey Yatsyshin, Oksana Romanovskaya, and Maxim Ganin

In this video: Andrey Kozlov, Gilda Bott, Alexander Gusev, and Pavel Chamurliev

In this video: Vladimir Semin, Vyacheslav Kireev, Tatiana Odintsova, Alexander Dudorov, and Alexey Soldatenko

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