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Meme of the day: Russian Twitter teams up the sign bunny with its swole cousin

Source: Meduza

An apparently original Russian meme has taken Twitter by storm in recent days. In the meme, the ASCII sign bunny that gained international popularity in 2014 before surging again last year is joined by another ASCII rabbit: the buff bunny, which also saw a brief resurgence in 2018.

English-language Internet users used the sign bunny almost exclusively to broadcast individual statements and the buff bunny to add a bit of humor to conventional masculinity. However, a July 2018 buff bunny meme introduced a small sign bunny hiding behind its muscular counterpart in reference to an entirely different meme, “Don’t ever talk to me or my son ever again.”

Russian users have given the partnership a life of its own, bringing the bunnies together to compare various aspects of their lives.

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