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like it or not
Police officer in Dagestan shoots himself in head to win drunken bet. (He lost.)
Source: Meduza

Police officers, have you ever run into the street while off duty and drunkenly fired your handgun into the air? After doing that, have you ever sprinted back to your friends and claimed that you emptied your weapon, only to be told that there might still be one bullet jammed in the chamber? And after this warning, did you then insist that the gun was empty, and — just to prove it — you put the pistol to your temple and pulled the trigger, firing that last round into your head?

If so, you have a lot in common with a police officer in the Dagestani city of Khasavyurt, who did everything described above and somehow survived. According to local Interior Ministry officials, the officer in question was already inebriated when he fired his Stechkin automatic pistol into the air on October 25. After claiming to his drinking buddies that he’d emptied the entire clip, he proceeded to demonstrate the gun’s emptiness by pulling the trigger with the muzzle pointed at his head. There was still a bullet in the gun, however, and it promptly flew into the officer’s skull. He didn’t die, however, and he remains hospitalized in serious condition, according to the news agency TASS.

On October 30, a spokesman for Dagestan's Interior Ministry announced that the officer who wounded himself will be dismissed and his immediate supervisors will face disciplinary actions.

Photo on front page: Russian Federal Investigative Committee, Dagestan Branch