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Russian city councilman's wife who twerked in front of ambulances on the Moscow Beltway is fined 300 bucks

Source: TASS

Some memories, like delaying multiple ambulances on the Moscow Beltway because you’re twerking in the road with your friends in an amateur music video, are priceless. But even an invaluable stunt like that can cost you — just ask 29-year-old Oksana Yakovleva, aka the performer “Yaxana,” who was fined 20,000 rubles (about $300) on October 12 for shaking her posterior alongside her pals on a busy highway. An entertaining spectacle in its own right, Yakovleva’s dance made headlines in Russia this week because she’s also the wife of a city councilman outside the capital. Her husband, Alexey Yakovlev, told a local television station that he would “have words” with her about the disruptive twerking.

On October 8, Yakovleva shared footage of her highway dance on Instagram. Three days later, traffic police stopped her car and arrested her for failing to wear her seat belt and driving without a license. Yakovleva initially wouldn't get out of her car, and paramedics were later summoned when she “became unwell.” In court on Friday, after spending the night in lockup, Yakovleva refused to confess to blocking the Moscow Beltway during her dance, insisting that her car had broken down, at which point she and her friends supposedly decided to practice their moves, “in order to stay warm.”

After her release, Yakovleva wrote on Instagram: “Freedom… 20,000 rubles and a night in lockup, when they want to charge you with hooliganism, all for loving your art… was it worth it? In my view, any experience is useful.”

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