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Futuristic Russian warriors shoot lasers in new animated film ‘Cyberslav’

17:03, 10 september 2018

The Russian animation company Evil Pirate Studio has released the first trailer for its new film, “Cyberslav.”

The video features a burning city invaded by a race of tall, murderous creatures that are hunting down the remaining survivors. There are holographic warnings swirling around the onion domes of Orthodox churches, neon signs, and graffiti in the style of Khokhloma paintings, with inscriptions like “Peasant Spirit” and “Zadornov was right.”

Evil Pirate Studio

Most of the trailer shows a spectacular battle between the monsters and three knights who arrive at the gates, presumably to liberate the city. The warriors do flips, leap high, fire lasers, swing swords, throw nesting-doll grenades, and win the day.

The release date for “Cyberslav” is still unknown, but Evil Pirate Studio promises a feature-length movie.