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Yandex Maps pulls the poop, toilet, and monkey emojis, after users plaster Moscow with embarrassing location reviews

Source: Meduza

Yandex Maps users will no longer know the joy of writing location reviews in poop, toilet, monkey, or demon emojis. Russian Internet users noticed on August 29 (a day after the website launched a new Maps function) that these less flattering options had suddenly disappeared from Yandex’s emoji keyboard. A spokesperson for the company told the website The Village that the experimental location reviews allow the use of 124 different emojis, some of which Yandex might change, from time to time.

The new Yandex Maps feature lets users choose three emojis for location reviews, which are then aggregated for specific places. This system immediately led to several embarrassing reviews for popular Moscow landmarks, like Zaryadye Park (🍆👊💦), Spartak Stadium (🐷⚽️🏆), and the Kremlin (🐒🚽💸).

“In its new special project, Yandex unwisely allowed users to mark map locations with three emojis...”