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Russian teacher humiliates second grader after mother refuses to pay for classroom's new window blinds


If you have kids, you’ve no doubt received emails from the PTA or your child’s school, notifying you about the many ways you can contribute to bettering the education environment. Your help would be greatly appreciated, if you’ve the time and money to spare.

It’s not the most subtle pitch, but you’ll thank your lucky stars that it’s all you get, when you hear what happens at a school in the town of Uglovoe, in Russia’s Primorsky Krai. In May 2018, a mother complained that her eight-year-old son was forced to brush his teeth in front of his second-grade class, after she refused to pay for the classroom’s new window blinds.

The boy’s teacher, Lidia Ergina, apparently spent a week complaining about his breath, and eventually summoned him to the front of the classroom, where she forced him to brush his teeth while laughing at him. The brush and toothpaste were even supplied by a member of the PTA, which Ergina gratefully acknowledged on the parents' shared WhatsApp group.

After the boy's mother complained publicly about the incident, which followed her refusal to supply money for new window blinds, the teacher apologized, saying it “was only a game.”

On August 7, the district attorney fined the school’s director 30,000 rubles (about $475) and ordered additional disciplinary measures. Lidia Ergina was reportedly fired in late May.

Photo on front page: Pixabay