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like it or not

Dancy dancy McInternet dance The full glory of Russians on ‘’ is laid bare

Source: Meduza

The Twitter user “slava_daylight” has tweeted his way into the hearts of many Russians by collecting amusing clips shared on the Chinese service “,” where any Joe or Jane Schmo can post roughly edited short videos, paired with popular songs. “Slava_daylight” has been adept at finding particularly choice dance videos, many of which feature older Russians singing along to music that you might not expect to find in their collections of old vinyls. The stars of these clips are often cutting a rug where there is none: in the kitchen or outside in the garden. There are no cats or pornography in these videos, but rest assured that this stuff is pure Internet.

These songs are mostly Russian, but try not to let that get you down. If you're asking yourself why anyone would listen to Russian pop, check out Meduza's review of one of the best Russian pop albums of 2018.

Lil Perf, “Tumany” (Fogs)

White Style, “Zvezda” (Star)

Tik Tok, “Devil Haha Song”

MC Kusulya, “Fevral” (February)

“Ne esh ego” (“Don't Eat It” — from a Palmolive bodywash commercial)

MC Pelmen, “Moya khitukha” (My Ole Life)

Davai (Let's Go!), “Tri poloski” (Three Stripes) [think Adidas]

Malbek and Syuzanna, “Gipnozy” (Hypnoses)

Keith Ape, “It G Ma”

Enjoykin, “Netsvetnye rozy” (Colorless Roses)

Poshlaya Molly, “Non-stop”