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A drunk St. Petersburg security guard forced a random subway passenger to his knees and threatened him at gunpoint for 30 minutes

A subway security guard in St. Petersburg forced a supposedly suspicious passenger to kneel on the floor for 30 minutes at gunpoint. The incident, which was recorded by a surveillance camera, occurred at the Staraya Derevnya station on the evening of December 12.

Responding police officers initially cited the security guard for the misdemeanor offense of consuming alcohol in public. The man reportedly has a permit to carry his pistol (a compressed-air gun). Police questioned and released the passenger. The guard was later charged with hooliganism.

Subway officials say the guard was not on duty when the incident occurred, and he’s since been fired. According to the website Fontanka, the man had worked as a security guard for the subway since 2012.

The former guard told reporters that he was drunk while riding the subway when a passenger approached and warned him that someone on the train car was carrying a knife. He says he tried to find the individual, but got lost, and accidentally targeted the wrong man. He says he will apologize to the man he threatened with a gun.