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Russian police officer gets into heated argument with Navalny supporter and threatens to murder him

Source: Meduza

A police officer in Korolyov, outside Moscow, threatened to murder a Navalny campaign worker earlier this week, after a heated political debate at a police station.

According to the Navalny campaign, local coordinator Alexey Golyshev was detained for handing out campaign materials in town. Campaign volunteers then came to the station with bottled water for Golyshev, sparking a heated argument between two police officers and several Navalny volunteers, one of whom filmed the interaction.

In video footage uploaded to YouTube, the police officers and Navalny campaign workers discover that they both earn roughly the same amount of money: 40,000 rubles (about $700) a month. Their debate touched on various political issues, including Crimea, oil prices, the USSR, China, Russia's 1990s crisis, Vladimir Putin, and more.

“I'll find you and kill you!”
Navalny campaign in Korolyov

Near the end of the exchange, one officer starts to lose his temper and begins calling Navalny’s supporters “little Americans.” “I don’t like little Americans. I’m for Russia. I’m for Crimea. And I’m for Putin. Is that okay with you?” the officer says.

“That’s fine, it’s all fine,” answers the Navalny campaign worker. “Now in Sweden the average salary is 5,000 euros a month…”

“I don’t give a shit about Sweden!” the policeman yells back. “I live in Russia!”

“And your salary is $500 [sic],” the activist says.

“So go to Sweden and go live there!” the officer yells again.

With that, the Navalny activists left the police station, but they started recording again when the same policeman began yelling at them from a second-floor window. “Fuck off to Sweden!” the officer yells. When an activist also tells the officer to “fuck off,” the officer screams, “Listen, you pussy, I’ll fucking find you and fucking kill you!”

The campaign worker then tells the officer his full name, and the policeman identifies himself as Officer Olekhin (or Alekhin).