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Why Russian Internet users are going nuts about sausages today

Источник: Meduza
september 5

september 6

A source told the newspaper Vedomosti that Sechin has a tradition of gifting people baskets of sausages from a special butcher’s shop. In a photograph provided by Vedomosti’s source, a label reading “From Ivanych” is visible on a bag of sliced sausage and bottled wine. Igor Sechin’s patronymic is Ivanovych.

a bit later in the day

For some reason, Russian Internet users have become infatuated with Sechin’s trademark gift, while others have speculated that Vladimir Putin himself picked out Ulyukayev's inauspicious sausage basket. The basket even has its own Twitter account now.

a bit later still

At a Moscow airport, three men attacked opposition politician Alexey Navalny with sausages while he was distracted by a woman who asked for a photograph. Police officers standing nearby during the attack reportedly laughed as the sausage-tossers ran away.