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Belarusian Twitter users are swearing allegiance to a fictional country invented for Moscow's ‘Zapad 2017’ war-games

Source: Meduza

In you live in Poland or the Baltic states, you can look forward to thousands of Russian and Belarusian troops amassing near the border next month, when the two countries mount their “Zapad 2017” joint military exercises. The fighting scenario pits Russian and Belarusian troops against a coalition of fictional Western countries called Veishnoria, Vesbaria, and Lubenia that seeks to destabilize Belarus. According to the planned exercises, Veishnoria exists in western Belarus, Vesbaria overlaps with parts of Lithuania and Latvia, and Lubenia occupies northeastern Poland and southwestern Lithuania.

Maps showing new states occupying parts of their country have deeply amused Belarusian Twitter users, and many have responded by inventing flags, state seals, national anthems and more for these fictional nations.

Veishnoria! Oh, Motherland! Like good health,You are truly appreciated and understood only by those who’ve lost you. I shall now capture you in painting, in all your glory.
Je suis Veishnoria! Mother Earth lives!
In the name of Russia’s Foreign Ministry, I am announcing the establishment of diplomatic relations with the Republic of Veishnoria. Greetings to you, friends!

Veishnoria also now has its own currency, swag, and passport (you can even order one for yourself at a special website), as well as a president and Foreign Affairs Ministry.

1 VSN = 5 USD. Only at domestic exchange points.
When you love this country. Look for it in your town's stores. #Veishnoria
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Veishnorians have also been busy cataloguing their great nation’s rich history and culture:

A historical note: in all its history, Veishnoria has never lost a single war.

With Zapad 2017 looming, Veishnorians are also bracing themselves for a Belarusian attack.

The tactical situation in Belarus as of August 30, 2017.
[Left: Veishnoria. Center: Belarusian Twitter users. Right: Belarus.]

It’s possible that Veishnoria appeared in western Belarus for a reason. Belarusian Internet user Sergey Chaly has pointed out that the fictional state is situated in territory where locals actively supported opposition politician Zianon Pazniak in the 1994 presidential election, when he won 12.8 percent of the electorate. Pazniak has lived in emigration since 1996.

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