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The Kremlin is reportedly using a dating service to boost voter turnout this fall

Source: Dozhd

The Kremlin reportedly hopes to use the dating service Mamba to raise voter turnout in this September’s regional elections. Sources close to President Putin’s administration told the television network Dozhd that a special version of the app called “Together at the Elections” will be tested this fall in areas around the country.

The new app uses Mamba’s interface, but instead of the usual dating options, users are asked to find someone to take voting on September 10. The app asks, “Will you go with them to the elections?”

Mamba CEO Andrey Bronetsky told Dozhd that his company was “advised” to launch the new election-themed app, but he refused to specify who exactly did the encouraging.

Dozhd’s sources claim that the Kremlin will also consider using dating services to boost voter turnout in next year’s presidential election, if it shows any promise this fall.

Photo on front page: Kremlin Press Service

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