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‘Game of Thrones’ creator George R. R. Martin is in Russia, and here's what he's been up to for the past two days

Source: Meduza

George R. R. Martin, the American writer responsible for the epic fantasy novels that inspired the television show “Game of Thrones,” has arrived in Russia for Petersburg Fantasy Assembly, which kicks off on August 18. In his first few days in Russia, the celebrated fantasy author has managed to visit the Vyborg Castle and attend a press conference, where he revealed that his life was simpler before “Game of Thrones.” He also told reporters that he kills off central characters because he doesn’t like predictable books. Meduza reviews what Mr. Martin managed to do in his first two days in Russia.

  • Visited the Vyborg Castle
  • Was gifted a copy of Alexey Sokolov’s book “The Devil’s Patience”
  • Was presented with a cake topped with fireworks
  • Tried a little kvas (and apparently he liked it)
  • Treated some fans to House Stark swag and dazzled locals with his suspenders
  • Forbid Russian journalists from asking him a whole series of spoiler questions about “Game of Thrones”
  • Didn’t answer a question about Vladimir Putin (his interpreter even refused to translate the question)
  • Got bored during a press conference with the news agency TASS