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Shaman claims credit for the Moscow pyramid destroyed by hurricane winds


The YouTube channel Conceptual TV has published a video showing the moment hurricane winds destroyed the “Golod Pyramid” structure outside Moscow on Monday.

The video includes remarks from “Radmir the Vedic shaman,” who says he performed a pagan Slavic ritual just before the pyramid collapsed. When his ceremony ended, the lights went out and everyone ran from the structure, he says. Seconds later, winds knocked the building to the ground.

The collapse of the Golod Pyramid outside Moscow
Conceptual TV
The wreckage of the Golod Pyramid outside Moscow
The wreckage of the Golod Pyramid outside Moscow
Photo: Maxim Blinov / Sputnik / Scanpix / LETA

Built next to the Novorizhskoe Highway in 1999, the Golod Pyramid was named after its creator, Russian engineer Alexander Golod. During the 1990s, several similar pyramids appeared throughout the former Soviet Union, supposedly to store “bioenergy” in a spiritual, purely unscientific movement.