How to dodge questions from journalists: a masterclass from Sergey Lavrov

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov partook in a Q&A with journalists in regards to negotiations on Syria in Astana, Kazakhstan. The Minister was able to skillfully avoid answering two of the three questions.

The interaction was published on the Foreign Ministry’s official website. Here is how it looked:

Unspecified journalist: Could you share the results of the meeting in Astana?

Foreign Minister Lavrov: I already told you everything yesterday.

Unspecified journalist: What are the next steps?

Foreign Minister Lavrov: It is necessary to work, work, and, once again, work.

Unspecified journalist: How do you think the prospects look?

Foreign Minister Lavrov: Not bad.

Other short interviews with Lavrov can also be found on the Ministry’s website. In one of them, in response to the question of whether there would be another ceasefire in Syria, Lavrov said: “Ask the Americans.” When journalists asked him what was standing in the way of a Syria-wide truce, he responded: “I do not want to spoil the atmosphere in the negotiations.”