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Kissing girls photobomb Russia’s leading homophobe

Photo: Ksenia Infinity / VKontakte

Passengers aboard a flight from Moscow to St. Petersburg recently staged an “anti-homophobic” photoshoot, supposedly after realizing that St. Petersburg City Councilman Vitaly Milonov, perhaps Russia’s most prominent anti-LGBT politician, was seated in the row behind them.

A woman named Ksenia (the website PaperPaper identifies her as one of the heads of the lesbian nightclub Infinity) posted on Instagram photographs of her kissing her partner.

Milonov, meanwhile, told Flashnord news agency that the girls “made a bunch of silly faces, photographed themselves, and ran to the back of the plane, where they sat down and didn’t show their faces until the end of the flight.” Milonov calls the women “crazy fools” and “idiots.” 

Ksenia is one of the heads of the St. Petersburg lesbian nightclub Infinity. According to her Instagram post, she and her friends planned to go to precisely this club, after landing in St. Petersburg.