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Moscow police raid multiple LGBTQ+ clubs in wake of new Supreme Court ban

Source: Meduza

Moscow police raided multiple clubs in the city that were holding events for LGBTQ+ people on Friday night, according to multiple Russian Telegram channels. The apparent crackdown came just one day after the Russian Supreme Court banned the “international LGBT movement” as an “extremist organization.”

The raids began at about 10:00 p.m. on December 1 and lasted until about 3:00 a.m. Police reportedly showed up at three establishments under the pretext of searching for drugs.

“In the middle of the party, the music stopped and [police] started coming into the rooms. There were also people from other countries at the party. At the exit, they photographed people’s passports without permission,” an eyewitness to one of the raids recounted.

According to the channel “Ostorozhno, Moskva,” the management of the clubs warned patrons that the police were on their way. “It was an ordinary party, and then the owner comes out and says that officers will be there within an hour in connection with the recent legislation. The dance floor started emptying out within 20 minutes,” said a person who was at another raided bar.

The channel also reported that arrests were made at one of the events. The Russian Interior Ministry has not commented.

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