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Zelensky says West’s pivot to Israel has slowed delivery of new artillery shells to Ukraine, as Kremlin plans his ouster in so-called ‘Maidan 3’ plot

Source: Bloomberg

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told journalists on Thursday that the West’s sudden pivot to the Israel-Hamas war has slowed the delivery of crucial artillery ammunition to Kyiv. He warned that Ukraine “will move backward without the support.” “It is life — and it is normal, as everyone is fighting for survival and we should defend ourselves, as well,” said Ukraine’s president, as reported by the news agency Bloomberg.

Zelensky’s remarks come weeks after the U.S. military revealed that funding delays have forced the Pentagon to begin “metering out” the weapons and ammo sent to Kyiv.

Zelensky also revealed that his intelligence community believes the Russian authorities hope in the months ahead to divide Ukrainian society enough to incite his ouster in a coup supposedly known inside the Kremlin as “Maidan 3.”

Throughout November, following a report in TIME magazine that described Zelensky’s closest aides calling him “deluded” about Ukraine’s battlefield prospects, as well as a public admission by commander-in-chief General Valery Zaluzhnyi that the war is at a stalemate, President Zelensky has redoubled his efforts to assure constituents and foreign allies alike that Ukraine’s military is prepared to fight through the winter.

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