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Russian authorities to use electronic military summonses for the first time in spring conscription drive

Source: Russian Defense Ministry

The Russian authorities will reportedly begin issuing electronic military summonses for the first time as part of the country’s routine spring conscription drive.

“In preparation for the spring conscription campaign, which will begin on April 1, military commissariat employees have been tasked with sending notifications to citizens in an electronic format,” military spokesman Vladimir Tsimlyansky said at a briefing. In cases where electronic notification is impossible, he said, conscripts will be served summonses in person.

Tsimlyansky said the military’s database of conscripts for the spring campaign consists of more than 700,000 people ages 18–27.

In addition, the spokesman said the Russian Defense Ministry is not planning to conduct a second wave of mobilization. “Those who have already been drafted for military service, and the citizens who have voluntarily [joined] the operation, are quite sufficient to fulfill the assigned tasks.”

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