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Moscow authorities change name of new commuter rail line from Kyiv–Gorky to Kaluga–Nizhegorodsky

Source: TASS

The Moscow authorities have decided to change the prospective name of the Moscow Central Diameters commuter rail system’s fourth line, which is slated to open this year, from the “​​Kyiv–Gorky Diameter” to the “Kaluga–Nizhegorodsky Diameter,” according to the city’s transport department. 

In addition, the department said, the section of the Moscow Railway that runs along the railroad connecting Moscow to Kyiv will be called the “Kaluga” section.

The changes are intended to “simplify navigation for passengers,” the department said in its statement, explaining that nearby cities such as Kaluga are more appropriate for the name of a suburban train line than relatively far-away cities such as Kyiv.

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