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Drone explodes in Kireyevsk, near Tula

Source: TASS

A Ukrainian Tu-141 Strizh drone packed with explosives exploded in the city of Kireyevsk, in the Tula region, reports TASS. RIA Novosti reports that the drone was carrying ammunition.

The explosion occurred at 3:19pm local time and produced a crater about 15 meters (approximately 50 feet) in diameter and 5 meters (16 feet) deep.

The local authorities report that the blast injured a 16-year-old girl and two men, ages 20 and 36.

Video of the blast in Kireyevsk

The Tula Regional Security Committee says that three residential homes were damaged in the explosion. Telegram channel Baza reports that at least eight houses and an apartment building were damaged.

Regional authorities say that there is no threat to the population or infrastructure. First responders are on the scene.

This is the second explosion in the area this month, reports news outlet Agentstvo. On March 2, residents of the village of Berezovsky (about 6 miles) from Kireyevka discovered a crater about half a meter (1.5 feet) deep in the forest. It is believed that an exploding drone created it.

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