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KGB of Belarus reports the death of a foreign national during an ‘anti-terrorism’ operation in Grodno

Source: BELTA

In Grodno, Belarus, employees of the country’s state security service (which uses the acronym KGB) shot and killed a foreign national. The person in question allegedly put up armed resistance to KGB officers, “using automatic weapons and detonating grenades.”

The KGB of Belarus has not released the name or nationality of the victim. 

According to the agency, special measures were underway in the city to suppress the activity of persons “infiltrating the Republic of Belarus and intending to commit a terrorist act.”

In early March, Alexander Lukashenko said that “a terrorist with Ukraine’s special services” and his “accomplices” had been arrested in Belarus for participating in sabotage at a military airfield in Machulishchy, near Minsk. Lukashenko says over 20 people were involved, and he calls the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the CIA responsible.

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