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Pipeline operator Transneft reports finding explosive devices near a pumping station on the Druzhba pipeline

Source: TASS

Two explosive devices were discovered in the Bryansk region, at a pumping station on the Druzhba oil pipeline, Igor Demin, a spokesperson for the pipeline operator Transneft, told TASS.

During the evening of March 14 and the morning of March 15, explosive devices with “destroyed plastic casings of non-industrial origin, with explosive parts made from steel balls” were discovered near the pumping station, said Demin.

The bombs’ casings are believed to have been damaged after the explosives fell from a drone. On March 15, a Transneft spokesperson said another explosive device was seen being dropped from a drone. Regional governor Alexander Bogomaz did not report any drones in Bryansk airspace either yesterday or today.

“The character of the explosive parts — metal balls — indicates that the organizers of this sabotage did not intend to damage equipment, but rather to kill people, namely civilian workers at a pumping station on the Druzhba [pipeline]. Investigations are underway,” Demin added.

Demin says that no part of the station, which stopped pumping oil last year, was damaged.

Neither local authorities nor the Russian Defense Ministry has commented on Transneft’s statements.

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