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Russian journalist Filipp Dzyadko denied entry into Georgia

Russian journalist Filipp Dzyadko has been denied entry into Georgia, his brother, TV Rain Editor-in-Chief Tikhon Dzyadko, reported on Monday.

“Filipp Dzyadko, who has been living in Georgia for almost a year, was denied entry into the country with no explanation. He was held all night at the airport. And now they’re also trying to take his phone,” Tikhon Dzyadko wrote on Telegram.

Filipp Dzyadko is the former editor-in-chief of Russian Esquire and is currently the head of the Arzamas educational project. According to TV Rain, he was stopped by customs officials upon returning to the country from Vienna, and was initially told that he had to wait to enter because the “system was frozen,” but was later informed that he had been denied entry.

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