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Evgeny Prigozhin demands Russian Defense Ministry provide ammunition to Wagner Group amid mercenaries’ ‘shell famine’

Evgeny Prigozhin, the founder of Russia’s Wagner Group, said Monday that the mercenary company is experiencing a “complete shell famine” and called on the Russian Defense Ministry to provide ammunition to Wagner “in the amount needed, which it has in storage.”

In an interview response that his press service reposted on Telegram, Prigozhin noted that his inability so far to solve Wagner Group’s supply problems comes “even despite all of his contacts and connections.” He claimed unnamed sources have told him that he has “troubled relations” with people “at the top,” and that if he “apologizes and confesses,” his fighters will get the ammunition they need.

“Please, tell me who I need to apologize to so that my guys will die at half the rate they are now!” said Prigozhin.

The mercenary boss added that when Russia’s forces in Ukraine were led by General Sergey Surovikin, the Wagner Group didn’t have the same supply issues it has now.

“I’m not trying to call attention to the fact that you’re sitting there, eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner off of gold plates, and sending your daughters, your granddaughters, and their puppies to vacation in Dubai. With no shame at all. While Russian soldiers are dying at the front. No, I’m simply asking: give us ammunition!” said Prigozhin.

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