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Russia creates a trial database of military-eligible citizens to expedite potential new waves of mobilization, stop draft dodgers

Source: Faridaily

The Russian authorities have created a trial version of a database with extensive information about people eligible for military service, reports online outlet Poyasnitelnaya Zapiska, citing a tech company employee who saw the database, and an employee of the Moscow military enlistment office.

In November 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered relevant authorities to create a database that would include details on both military-eligible people and draft dodgers. Per Putin’s orders, the database contains telephone numbers and email addresses, registered residences and drivers’ license information, information about real estate and automobiles owned, and details of employment, family, medical histories, criminal histories, deferals of mobilization, and even sports titles and ranks. The database will be updated daily.

Officially, the database is scheduled to start working in the spring of 2024, but Poyasnitelnaya Zapiska claims that the Russian authorities might test it out as early as spring 2023, if they decide to launch a new wave of mobilization. The new database will allow the authorities to quickly send large numbers of people to the front, close borders to people fleeing mobilization notices, and find evaders from surveillance camera footage, the publication writes.

Poyasnitelnaya Zapiska’s source in the Moscow enlistment office believes the purpose of the database is “to prevent ‘wrongful’ mobilization,” noting that during the first wave of mobilization, in fall 2022, summonses were delivered to people with serious illnesses, fathers supporting large families, students, and even the deceased.

Another source, who was involved in the creation of the database, said that its information comes from a register of all Russian citizens maintained by the Federal Tax Service. 

The Russian authorities refused to comment on the database, saying that information is “for official use.”

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