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A military officer asked the courts to strip him of his rank, but the courts rejected the case

A regional court in Vladimir dismissed a case brought by military officer Farhad Dzhabbarov, who was asking to be removed from the military register and stripped of his rank because he disagrees with the actions of the Russian authorities.

Jabbarov filed a lawsuit against the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Vladimir regional military enlistment office in the summer of 2022. His demands were motivated by the fact that the invasion of Ukraine has nothing to do with the defense of Russia, which Jabbarov considers to be the duty and responsibility of every citizen. Not wanting to “be part of and have an army rank in taking part in an operation in a neighboring country,” he decided to ask the courts to remove him from the military register and take away his rank.

In October, a district court rejected Jabbarov’s claims, saying that he had not yet aged out of military service, and that he could only be deprived of his rank if a court convicted him of a serious crime. Jabbarov appealed, but a regional court upheld the initial ruling.

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