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Governor of North Ossetia and members of the press came under fire in Zaporizhzhia

Source: TASS

Sergey Menyaylo, Governor of North Ossetia, came under fire by Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Zaporizhzhia region while visiting “the positions of Ossetian volunteer detachments and mobilized fighters from the republic,” claims Russian state news agency TASS. A film crew from the Kremlin-controlled Channel One television network and Nizami Gadzhibalaev, TASS editor for the North Caucasus region, were also there.

The news agency reports that Menyaylo, the correspondents, and fighters from the region took shelter in a dugout. There were no casualties.

Menyaylo called it “a regular occurrence in combat territory.”

Menyaylo and Ossetian soldiers taking shelter after coming under Ukrainian fire in Zaporizhzhia.
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