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Ukrainian deputy infrastructure minister arrested, charged with taking bribes in embezzlement case

Ukrainian law enforcement have arrested Vasily Lozinsky, Deputy Minister for Development of Communities, Territories, and Infrastructure. He’s suspected of taking a large bribe for arranging the purchase of generators at inflated prices. Ukrainska Pravda reported that the official’s home was searched on January 21.

On Sunday, the Ukrainian National Anticorruption Bureau revealed the details of the case against Lozinsky. The bureau reports that during summer 2022, Ukrainian authorities allotted 1.68 billion hryvnias ($45.7 million USD), in part for the purchase of generators to supply residents with electricity, heat, and water given the destruction of energy infrastructure by Russian strikes.

Investigators say that several officials decided to embezzle some of the funds, colluded with a group of middlemen, and signed purchase agreements at prices inflated by almost 280 million hryvnias ($7.6 million USD).

Lozinsky was caught red-handed receiving $400,000 USD for helping to negotiate the contracts. He was charged with abuse of his office and receiving illegal gains.

Pictures of Lozinsky’s ill-gotten gains

Alexander Kubrakov, Ukraine’s infrastructure minister, announced that the deputy minister had been dismissed from his post.

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